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About Kerwell

Welcome to Kerwell, a Premium CBD House located in Downers Grove, Naperville, and Lombard, Illinois. We are delighted to provide you with a superior product line of many different variations of CBD items. Our staff is exceptionally well-versed in all things hemp, and we strive to deliver an educational, informational experience. When you visit our store, you will find a plethora of resources to better understand CBD, and the effects that it has on our biological systems. Our staff is eager to help with selecting the perfect product, with questions regarding dosage, or any other inquiries. Our passions reside in the de-stigmatization of cannabis, and providing the community with high-quality, regulated products. All of our products are sourced from legitimate vendors, consistently third-party tested for purity, and validated through fully-transparent lab results. When you come into Kerwell, you will be greeted by our expert staff, and educated on the benefits of living a CBD lifestyle. 

100% Hemp Products

Our diverse product line is safe for you, your family, and your four legged friends. We carry broad and full-spectrum, as well as isolate products. Our goal is to provide a safe and effective regimen that is customized and tailored to each individual person. Our products are focused on wellness, not highness. Therefore, all of our products are in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill and contain less than 0.3% THC. 

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Certified Lab Tested

Every product that we sell has a laboratory issued certificate of analysis. All of these certificates are on hand and readily verifiable by customers. All tests are conducted by a third party for full transparency and honesty. 

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Honesty and Transparency

Kerwell was founded on trust and transparency. We believe in engaging in an open conversation with individuals, and therefore have a better understanding of their distinct characteristics, and how to curate our products to optimally benefit them. From testing our products to validating their lab results, it is our priority to offer CBD that effectively improves your lifestyle and also benefits your day to day living.

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Educating and Community

We totally get it. This “CBD Stuff” may be a little new and intimidating. There has been decades of stigmatization against the cannabis plant. It is a different type of treatment than typical OTC or prescription medication. At Kerwell, we believe that everyone should have access to credible information, and have the capability to make their own decision regarding their wellness, health, and lifestyle. Our expert staff is here to guide you in every step of the decision making process. 

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Kerry Aiyash

Kerry Aiyash is the president of Kerwell, a premium CBD house located in Downers Grove and Naperville, IL. Prior to discovering her passions for CBD, she was a multifaceted self-made entrepreneur, and a powerful advocate for women in business everywhere. Several years ago, her life changed forever when she found herself dealing with severe jaw issues that not only left her in an incredible amount of pain, but also with an unexpected increase of prescription medication. In desperation, she started researching alternatives for easing her medical symptoms. On her health and wellness journey, she discovered the world of CBD. Introducing it into her daily routine, she noticed a significant decrease in her jaw pain, virtually having no pain whatsoever. In her search for product, she came across multiple barriers in accessing high-quality products, as well as finding a retailer that was trustworthy and educated on their products.

Looking to share her story of success with CBD, Kerry set off to connect with individuals in the industry who were making a positive impact. She attended seminars, studied thoroughly the issues and benefits of CBD, and researched all the available brands. She quickly found her passion for helping others find products that improved their everyday lives, and in September of 2019, Kerwell Premium CBD House was born. Built on trust, education, and science; Kerwell Premium CBD House provides consumers with high-quality products that really WORK.

“My goal is to share the benefits of carefully curated healing products, with education, by spreading the science-based truth about CBD with our consumers. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that CBD decreases symptoms of pain, depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD. It also promotes better sleep habits and heart health. So it is my dream to share all the benefits of this safe, miracle product with YOU. It is my hope that we can improve the quality of your life one day at a time.” - Kerry Aiyash (Founder of Kerwell CBD House) 

Kerry Aiyash

Founder at Kerwell

Brands We Love

We have tried and tested 100's of CBD brands.  These are Kerry's favorite ones.

A Premium CBD Shopping Experience