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Our mission is to support every individual journey to optimal wellness by offering premium remedies that are both natural and effective.

Meet The Founder

Kerry entered the CBD industry with a passion for wellness, empowerment, and advocacy, founding Kerwell as an opportunity to share her positive experience with others.

Finding her roots as a compassionate entrepreneur, Kerry brings her experience to Kerwell to shape the culture and mission to support every individual journey to optimal wellness by providing premium remedies that are both natural and effective. When Kerry began to experience significant jaw pain at a point in her life, she often felt she had more questions than answers after seeing doctors and specialists. With her jaw pain and immobility came numerous challenges – least expected among them, a flood of prescription medications. Carrying the hope of an alternative solution, Kerry found testimonials describing the benefits of CBD, and after integrating it into her routine, she found herself living with little to no pain – a stark difference from her previous condition.

During her wellness journey, and after her discovery of plant-based wellness products, she found it challenging to locate CBD vendors that were honest about their products' dosage and ingredients. As a means to bring quality CBD to a broader audience, Kerry founded Kerwell (pronounced care-well) with the mission to create a wellness experience that offers premium products and compassionate customer care. Through in-depth research, speaking with others, and expanding her knowledge of CBD, Kerry has since made her mission for Kerwell a reality, creating wellness products with descriptions, ingredients, and labels you can trust.

Kerry Aiyash

Founder of Kerwell

About Kerwell

At Kerwell, our products have been carefully curated to bring you the highest quality CBD available. Whether you are using products for targeted wellness goals or simply looking to relax after a long day, our mission is to help you find solutions that target your specific needs. When you compare our selection to competitors, you'll see that we offer more of the best ingredients and less of the filler.

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience and optimize your wellness experience by visiting us at our premium CBD House locations throughout Illinois – you can find us in Downers Grove, Naperville, and Westlake, Ohio.