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CBD Starter Gift Set

Give your loved one a unique gift of both health and wellness this holiday season with Kerwell. We have teamed up with our partner Clean Remedies and built the best starter CBD gift set including tinctures, pain relief roll on and isolate. We are offering a special sale for you so add this gift set to your cart while supplies last.

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Clean Remedies Holiday Gift Set - Kerwell: Premium CBD House

What is included in the gift set?

Give the gift of wellness this holiday season. Limited edition holiday gift set is the perfect gift for a loved one this season This gift set comes wrapped with a bow.

Gift Box includes

  • Stainless Steel Clean Remedies Mug
  • 900mg Peppermint Tinture
  • Mini topical Roll On
  • Bath Salts
  • CBD Isolate
  • Holiday Recipe Card


Why Choose Clean Remedies?

Hemp is great at cleaning the soil it grows in, which means it is commonly used to suck up toxins that exist. We don't want any chemicals to end up in your remedies, so we adhere to the highest of standards. At Clean Remedies™ we carry the official USDA Certified Organic seal, which ensures all our ingredients are free from harmful chemicals.

CBD Customer Testimonials

CBD is the answer and until you don’t realize it you won’t know what you are missing. I have insomnia and have been suffering for over 10 years. CBD came into my life at a time where I was about to give up. Thank you!

― Sharon S.

I have tried a few different tinctures, but the list on this site is spot on. The first product on the list has helped relieve my anxiety, helped with my chronic pain and in general has lifted my spirits about life.

― Lucinda R.

If you haven’t tried CBD oil then you have no idea what you are missing. I used to think it was all a hoax until I got a free sample. This stuff is the real deal and is much better that taking Big Pharma pills.

― Harry G.

I’ve been using CBD for already 2 years. I suffer from anxiety and sleep disorders. I mainly take it in the evenings to calm down from my hectic lifestyle. While it hasn’t cured me, I do manage to get 6 hours of sleep compared to the 2 hours I was used to

― Stephen C.

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