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An Exclusive Interview with Maria Valentino

We are thrilled to share an exclusive interview with Maria Valentino, the founder, and formulator of the highly-acclaimed Maria Valentino natural beauty and wellness collection. As a passionate advocate for holistic living, Maria has dedicated her life to creating products that nourish and heal from the inside out. In this insightful conversation, Maria shares her journey, the unique features of her products, and her perspective on the power of natural healing. Discover how Maria Valentino's innovative skincare and supplements infused with healing frequencies and potent natural ingredients transform lives and redefine self-care. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey with the Maria Valentino line?

I am the CEO, founder, and cutting-edge formulator of the Maria Valentino natural beauty and wellness collection. I officially began this business journey over a decade ago, but have been creating natural products ever since I was a little girl. I pour my heart into every aspect of this company with the mission to help people become the healthiest, best version of themselves. From my unique patent-pending formulas and ingredient extractions to the custom-designed packaging, I personally create every part of my brand with love and healing intention. Every batch is even handcrafted in a high vibrational environment and infused with a combination of frequencies 432 Hz (harmonic intonation of nature) and 528 Hz (the same frequency as love). The MV line ranges from skincare and body care to ingestible supplements for Optimal Wellness Support™ to help people heal from the outside-in and inside-out. The collection is available at world-renowned plastic surgery clinics, celebrity salons & spas, dermatology centers, and luxury wellness stores across the United States and Costa Rica.

What is something most people don't know about you?

I am a true Gemini. Although I am often with large groups of people and in cities, I spend equal time off the grid, barefoot, and entirely submerged in nature.


What are some skincare ingredients you can't live without?

The MV Skin Nourishment serum is the most powerful, natural skin healing serum available in the world. Every ingredient is a premium organic active ingredient that works in synergy to achieve optimal results for all ages and skin types. Packed with Reishi Mushroom, Full Spectrum CBD, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, omegas fatty acids, clinically studied Active Plant Cells, and more, this skin serum even offers natural SPF and includes no fillers of any kind. There truly isn't a single ingredient in this healing serum that I can live a day without!


What mantra do you live by?

“I AM” is incredibly powerful to say before anything. It puts forth the energy of being rather than of wanting to be. Every day I repeat, “I am happy, I am healthy, I am abundant, I am at peace.


What guidance would you offer to other women who are interested in pursuing a path in natural healing?

I recommend pursuing a path in natural healing to all women and men in every walk of life. Now more than ever, it is crucial to take our health into our own hands. My goal is to give people the knowledge and tools to heal themselves and those around them. There are natural alternatives available that beautifully complement every lifestyle.


How do you respond to concerns or stigmas surrounding the use of cannabis or mushrooms in skincare products?

Proper education removes all concerns. At the beginning of my journey, no one had ever even heard about Cannabidiol or any of its benefits, which presented its challenges. As a leader in this space, I’m the very first formulator of cannabinoids and mushrooms in skincare and wellness. I created an educational platform on my website to empower my audience to provide excellent information and offer the absolute best products for conscious consumers. There has been a major awakening, and people are looking to these plant and mushroom alternatives as natural medicine. I have built great credibility around this and filed a patent for the entire Maria Valentino Collection of natural healing formulas. The MV line of cannabinoid and mushroom products is endorsed by world-renowned microvascular plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr.Lu-Jean Feng.

Mushrooms are more closely related to humans than plants. They work with the body to strengthen and heal itself. The Endocannabinoid system allows CBD and other supporting cannabinoids to bind to the body and upregulate homeostasis. When used with powerful botanicals, there is a phenomenal response. All of the ingredients in my science-based formulas have been individually used and studied for thousands of years in ancient medicine and offer remarkable benefits when combined with my patent-pending formulas. The results speak for themselves!