TIDL Plant Powered Performance Cream

Tidl SKU: P0609S
TIDL Plant Powered Performance Cream

TIDL Plant Powered Performance Cream

Tidl SKU: P0609S
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TIDL Sport Performance Cream will absolutely change the way you train and recover. Used by some of the top athletes in the world, you will never miss a beat and feel better than ever – with the results that show it.

Joint & Muscle Health

Specifically formulated for enhanced deep absorption to improve joint health and restore explosion.


Powerful plant-based ingredients that work synergistically to address inflammation and promote long term healing & recovery.

Rapid Relief

Soothing sensation kicks in immediately upon application, utilizing proven ingredients like capsaicin and essential oils.

Next Generation Sports Recovery

Best used 30 minutes after workouts to revive the joints by delivering immediate relief and promoting healing through a novel blend of ingredients and action.

Key Ingredients: Menthol, Beta Caryophilline (Clove), Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Methyl Salicylate, Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Camphor Oil, Clove Bud, Capsaicin.

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