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Neuro Flex CBD & Mushroom Vegan Capsules

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Caffeine Free CBD and Mushroom Blend 

Available in Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum

This unique CBD and Mushroom blend offers a natural, caffeine free boost that helps with clear thinking and effective performance in your everyday life.

Full Spectrum Neuro Flex is formulated with our minimally processed dry sieve kief. Each capsule contains the ideal trichrome dose to deliver and maintain consistent CBD benefits, as well as the full range of desirable compounds naturally found in high quality sun grown hemp.

Broad Spectrum Neuro Flex is formulated with our THC free CBD extract sourced from organically cultivated, herbicide and pesticide free hemp grown with glacial waters at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

It also features our USDA Organic Pacific Northwest Mushroom Blend. This carefully curated blend of medicinal mushrooms support optimal mental performance, energy and immune function, while curcumin and piperine work together to reduce inflammation.

Our Broad Spectrum THC free product line was developed to meet the needs of first responders, veterans, athletes and other professionals who want to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of CBD, but are concerned about any potential risk of failing a THC screening test.

Reported Effects:
- Cognitive Performance
- Memory
- Focus
- Mental Health
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Energy
- Inflammation 

• Solventless Organic CBD Extract
• Organic 6 Mushroom Powder (Agarikon, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail)
• Turmeric
• Piperine
• Vegan Capsule