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Blood Diamond THCA

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Blood Diamond THCA is a beautiful new cross of our special THCA mother plant and our original Blood Diamond CBD strain. It is a potent and calming indica strain with aromas of gasoline with sweet and sour fruits. It will leave you relaxed while easing body and mind tension. Read product details below for more information.

  • Relaxing indica strain
  • Gas and fruit flavor
  • Top shelf indoor flower
  • High THCA = Psychoactive!
- 3.5 Grams indoor grown CBD hemp flower
- 100% Organic, hand manicured buds
- Slow-cold cured
- 3rd Party Lab Tested

Delta 9 THC – 0.23%
THCa – 19.5%
THCVa – .2%
CBGa – .8%
CBCa – .49%
Total Cannabinoids – 21.1%

NOTICE: Due to various state regulations, we cannot ship THCA products to the following states:  

Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Rhode Island