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Letter From Kerwell

To our family, friends, and customers,

The global cascading events that have unfolded over the course of the last several weeks has left everyone rattled, and worried about what the coming months may be like. Some analysts and scientists say this is just the beginning, others are much more optimistic.  

We have witnessed humanity showing its ability to mobilize and counter attack the threat that #COVID-19 virus poses, and great minds from across the globe banding together to fight this thing to the end. Large business have converted to production of supplies needed, and social distancing has become a priority.

This should not be news to anyone, and everyone should be equally doing their own part in practicing social distancing, as well as take all the standard precautions such as washing your hands regularly and sanitizing them as frequently as needed.

The purpose of this is simply to share our thoughts, support, and best wishes and prayers. I am thinking about you and your health and well being!


Some simple changes we are taking to help prevent the spread of the virus, while keeping the needs of our community and customers as priority are as follows:

-In-store hours have been reduced until further notice, however our website is open 24/7 and we will make every effort to get your product to you as quickly as possible.  

-When checking out online we have now added a “Curbside Pickup” option and available pickup times will be there to choose from.


Please, be sure to take necessary actions to keep yourself protected and healthy, and the health and safety of those around you free from risk.

As more and more people are staying home during this time, we want you to know that we are here as your source for keeping your anxiety level under control and to help you boost your immune system by treating your ECS (Endocannabinoid) system.

We are navigating through this just as the rest of the world are doing. As time passes and more days and nights are spent in close quarters with our families, things like worries about work, or kids being home all day and quarantined, or the knowledge of having elderly in your care that are at such high risk, the STRESS and ANXIETY can be overwhelming.

Planning for your health and well being is crucial at times like these, and we have so many incredible and natural products that can be miraculous at handling these conditions.  

SO, While doing your part in social distancing, stay tuned to our social media channels where we will be posting more videos on how and why you can use CBD in your daily routine to keep you ECS working to protect your health and help to re-enforce your immune system.

We will close our doors until we feel it is safe for our associates and customers but do not forget that we are still here for you, and working to find every way to help you protect yourself naturally.

Please stay safe and healthy and thank-you for being a loyal customer and a valued member of our Kerwell community.


With Love,

Kerry & The Kerwell Team