Kerry Farms

"T1" Premium Hemp Flower - Indoor Grown- 5 Grams

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With dominant citrus and fruity flavors, T1 Trump is one of the most flavorful nugs out there. It blends together the taste of berries, cheese, maple, and sandalwood to give you a truly enjoyable experience from that first sniff all the way to the final exhale. But aside from its taste, T1 Trump also boasts one of the most astounding CBD-to-THC ratios around. At a whopping 32:1 CBD versus THC, this strain manifests zero psychoactive effects and intoxication.

Lending supreme calm and relaxation, this premium strain isn’t for the faint of heart. Better suited to those who have experience with couch-locking strains, the T1 Trump can keep you cool, calm, collected, and relaxed for hours on end.

The genetics are a product of crossing The Wife X Afghan Skunk, two well known CBD dominant strains.

This specific product was cultivated in Winfield, IL at a place called Kerry Farms.  It was cultivated in a greenhouse, and lots of love and time was taken to ensure a health and hearty crop.