Nova Blis

Nova Blis Chill Pop Pack

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The First Luxury CBD Infused Lollipops: You Had Me At Chill Pop

Dressed up in sparkly edible glitters, these carefully infused CBD Chill pops deliver a completely different experience to find your inner bliss. Find them housed in a luxury & modern packaging, will give you a breathtaking unboxing moment while radiating your favorite childhood candy.  Brighten your day with CBD lollipops—infused with 30mg full spectrum CBD. Unlike other CBD edibles loaded with sugar and high carbs, these CHILL POPS only have 1 gram Carbs and 4 grams Sugar. A GUILT-FREE TREAT to find your inner bliss! Box set includes four pops, one in each flavor.

Flavors included:



-Green Apple

-Piña Colada