Introducing "Made Plant Health" - Premium products crafted by passionate people...

by Matthew Aiyash

Hello Kerwell friends and family! 

We are beyond excited and honored to be the first point of sale for Made Plant Health!  Check out this short video from Daniel...


The products in this line are made with ultra-premium ingredients, and locally grown hemp by the founder himself!   The plants were hand cultivated and blends custom crafted by Daniel Carcillo, a former Chicago Blackhawk and professional hockey player who is known for his enforcer attitude and physical presence on the ice, and more recently has become an advocate for mental health, concussion awareness, and everyday wellness VIA plant medicine.  The plants he has used in these products are a collection of solvent-less, naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, as well as medicinal fungi varieties with proven track records in their respective use cases.  

I am currently in process of trying all these amazing products myself, however after my initial trials, I am happy to report I only have great things to say!  The first product I sampled is the "Neuro Flex" gelcap, a unique CBD and Mushroom blend which provided me with a subtle energy boost, very present in the initial hours after consumption.  The full spectrum version of Neuro Flex is made with a dry sieve kief to capture the full cannabinoid profile of the genotype.   

Mixed into the dry sieve kief, Daniel and his partner industry professional Jeremy Widmann have infused a curated blend of USDA Organic Pacific Northwest Mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms support optimal mental performance, energy and immune function, and gave me elevated cognitive response and the ability to think critically and logically. 

The day I sampled this was an interesting day to try the blend as I was working very hard that day and deep into a personal project which requires a lot of brainwork. My ability to quickly solve a problem I came across was increased, and I do not have any other reason to give other than I had tried this capsule and the incredible natural power of these plants was in full force.   

The other products in the Made Plant Health line include a premium nano-emulsified tincture, with a slight minty-vanilla taste that left a subtle pleasant taste.  The process (nano emulsifying) used to prepare the cannabinoids for consumption provides far greater absorption into the human body and endocannabinoid system, which means better results and much more rapid onset of effects.

In addition to the tinctures, which come in three different strengths as well as in broad and full spectrum, Daniel has curated three additional formulations in gelcap form.  The first is named "Myco Immune" which has a blend of twelve medicinal mushrooms and will give a massive boost to your immune system, "Mane Brain"which is a more simple six mushroom blend specifically for cognitive function, and "Calm Down" a CBD blend made with the intention of relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep patterns.  The final product in this incredible collection is the "Repair" body salve, with 300mg of CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD dominant hemp concentrate.  Made with the active human in mind, this salve will repair achy, tired muscles, suppress lactic acid build up, and reduce lingering soreness; a perfect way to close out a day of hard work and 110% effort!

All in, this is quickly becoming my favorite CBD line because it is derived from a top quality source material, and the additional ingredients are all products of sustainable and premium sources.  The formulator and partner have put a lot of time and effort into creating a natural remedy for his own use, and to help others suffering from similar and different ailments and issues all of which I support very much. 

I am stoked to try the rest of the products, and will report back with my findings.  I expect to have only good things to say based upon my first experiences!  

Pre-order any of these products on our online store HERE, we expect to begin shipping the first orders out this coming week.  First batch is limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Online orders marked for shipping will be fulfilled the following business day, products will be first come first serve with local pickup having the daily priority.  

Thank you for reading about our newest brand in Kerwell, and as always stay safe and healthy!